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The Author

Dr. Levi M. Matthews is a born again Christ follower. He believes that his purpose is to be open to the Word of God as it transforms his life and to be a positive supporter of all people in accordance to the instruction of scripture. Dr. Matthews has different God given assignments in his life and all of his assignments are grounded in faith. He believes that his purpose in life is not the assignments that he gets to embrace but to be a good steward of what God has given him and to be an ambassador and disciple of Jesus Christ as he embraces his work. At the heart and spirit of Dr. Matthews’ work is compassion and truth.

Dr. Matthews is an ordained minister. He is a Christ follower who uses biblical wisdom to inform the knowledge that we have about ourselves and the world around us. He believes that illness and other life struggles can be overcome by the blessings of Spiritual interventions (e.g. love, faith, prayer, fasting, forgiveness, truth etc.). He has been approaching his work in this manner since 2005.

Dr. Matthews is a doctor of psychology (educational), licensed professional counselor, and mental health service provider. He is a faculty member at a state university, private practitioner, researcher, author and CEO and Founder of a faith-based nonprofit organization. At the university he creates an environment in which students can learn in various psychology classes. Dr. Matthews frequently conducts research with his students in order to introduce them to the process of scientific research but first and foremost critical thinking. He knows that his role as a faculty member goes beyond the classroom as he hopes to be a positive and approachable person in his students’ lives whenever needed.

As a private practitioner, Dr. Matthews works with adolescents, adults, and couples at the faith-based nonprofit organization and his private practice. He offers prayerful treatment based in spiritual and scientific “like-minded” interpretations of truth in his client’s lives. Dr. Matthews entered the counseling profession because he believes that everyone can be successful in life with the right support, increased self-awareness and insight that is unique to their life situations. He really enjoys seeing people be successful at leading a peaceful life. As a researcher, Dr. Matthews has conducted studies on the effects of father absence in the lives of children and adolescents, attitudes on abortion, educational performance, and developmental trauma in children and adolescents, to name a few. He has had manuscripts related to marriage, educational motivation, and developmental trauma published in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Matthews has also developed an assessment for children and adolescents that assesses for Developmental Trauma. As a writer, Dr. Matthews has had two of his books published: 1) The True Believer’s Marriage and 2) Our Stories of Overcoming Homosexual Behavior.

Dr. Matthews founded the faith based non-profit organization in 2005. The nonprofit organization focused for many years on the enhancement of the family and today the organization continues to focus on the enhancement of families by providing certain services and resources. These services and resources included family research, fatherhood support, motherhood support, broken family support, family court support and consultation, mediation, life coaching, health coaching, financial skills development, attorney referral, and development and administering educational information. Dr. Matthews continues to attempt to broaden the scope of services provided by the organization while maintaining the spirit of the mission to empower individuals and families.

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